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Special airborne mission installation & response

Why Sabir?

Although the concept is platform independent, the first SABIR system was designed for the ubiquitous C-130 aircraft.

With SABIR, this well-established and reliable aircraft can, for a small fraction of the cost of a new purpose-built aircraft, be transformed into a sophisticated C4ISR platform while often not losing any significant capacity as a basic cargo aircraft.

At the most basic level, a few inexpensive SABIR components can dramatically increase crew comfort and visibility. Adding the SABIR Scanner Door with its bulbous window actually provides for intersecting fields of view all around the aircraft.

SABIR is a system of individual “bolt-on” modular components that can be configured in a number of ways to support various missions, aircraft configurations, and other customer-specific requirements.

  • SABIR components do not require any permanent aircraft modifications.
  • Sabir components do not block the cargo movement area and the aircraft can remain pressurized in flights
  • All SABIR components depicted are in retracted & stowed positions for back end operations.
  • All SABIR components are outboard of the ADS rail system when stowed.
  • SABIR does not interfere with loading, unloading, air drop, paratroop static line, or ISU container transport at pallet position no. 5.
  • SABIR has little or no effect on existing C-130 air transport operations when installed.
  • The Sabir AS-7 strut takes about 1 minute to deploy or retract
  • The T-4 Workstation & LRU Racks are universal mounting systems, are modular and open to incorporate a wide variety of technology solutions.
  • All SABIR components are fully operational whether the aircraft is pressurized or not.
  • The SABIR strut is electrically operated and also has independent manual retraction systems to provide redundancy.
  • The AS-6BKS Scanner Door provides dramatically increased visibility, and intersecting fields of view with an observer on the opposite side of the aircraft.
  • The AS-5S Stanchion Seat is adjustable to accommodate individual comfort as well as position; whether facing forward at a workstation, rearward for crash protection, or outward into a comfortable attitude for scanning out the window of the Scanner Door.
  • Airdyne engineers and fabricates pods to accommodate a wide variety of sensors, antennas, and electronic packages
  • SABIR Can Be Configured On the Left, Right, or Both Sides of an Aircraft.
  • And It Can Support Nearly Any Kind of Sensor:

    - Synthetic Aperture Radar
    - Multi/Hyper Spectral Imaging
    - High Resolution Day/Night and Thermal Cameras
    - LIDAR
    - RADAR
    - CBRNE
    - And a wide variety of antenna arrays

  • No permanent aircraft modifications are required.
  • An articulated arm that can hold up to 550 lbs. of special mission payload below the aircraft for full 360 degree field view, providing effective execution of missions such as:

    - Command & Control
    - Border and maritime patrol
    - Communications
    - Reconnaissance & surveillance
    - Search & rescue
    - UAV launch and control

  • Used in conjunction with AS-6BKS Scanner Door
  • Can be used in conjunction with AS-4 Multi-Mission Pod, AS-18 Pod, or AS-8 Adaptive Fairing
  • Has twin electrical drives and two independent manual retraction systems to provide four way redundancy
  • Optional AS-7R Retract can be utilized to allow an AS-7 Strut configured with an AS-8 Adaptive Fairing and payload to be retracted into the aircraft fuselage
  • No permanent aircraft modifications are required.
  • Used to expand the aircraft’s Special Mission functionality by allowing the aircraft to fly Next Generation EW and ISR systems.
  • Used with different equipment/sensors/communication suites to facilitate situational awareness, command-and-control and network-centric warfare capability.
  • The ISR AS-4S Four Sensor Configuration with retractable turrets was designed for both on/off NADIR Data Collection, Surveillance and Tracking
  • AS-4 Primary Sensor Bay is divided into three compartments, but can be integrated into 1 Bay with a single access door on each side
  • Sensor scanning units can be accommodated for forward, lateral, downward, & rearward viewing angles
  • AS-4 MMP Pod is able to support:

    - Electronic warfare equipment
    - Reconnaissance equipment
    - RF equipment
    - Radar/communication suites
    - UAV launch and control

  • No permanent aircraft modifications are required.
  • Modular/Removable (install only when needed) with SABIR AS-6BKS Scanner Door
  • Can be used separately with multiple ejector configurations
  • Can be stowed in various stores
  • Quick installation/removal on ground or in flight
  • Adjustable launch speed and g’s
  • Accommodates

    - Sonobuoys
    - Micro UAVs
    - JPADS
    - Viper Strike
    - SABIR T-Spike
    - And more

  • Maintains cabin pressurization via failsafe valve design
  • A cool gas inflator that is a sealed compressed inert gas cylinder
  • SAE/USCAR-24 (2004-06) Certified Inflator
  • MIL-D-21625G Compliant Inflator
  • MIL-D-23615C Compliant Design
  • Activated by a 1.2A electric current
  • No permanent aircraft modifications are required.
  • Pressurized operable door assembly
  • Provides significantly improved fields of view outside of the aircraft
  • Intersecting fields of view with an observer in a Scanner Door on the opposite side of the aircraft
  • Can be fully retractable
  • Allows for the installation of the AS-7 Strut
  • Additional features:

    - NVIS Light
    - Window Heater
    - Leaning Bar
    - Toe Kick
    - FOD Protection

  • No permanent aircraft modifications are required.
  • 16G Crashworthy loadmaster/scanner seat
  • Fully articulated and can be rapidly reconfigured in flight for either rear facing, side facing for comfortable viewing through the large bubble window of the AS-6BKS Scanner Door, or folded away for cargo operations
  • Able to set at 45 degree increments, as well as linear slides in tow axis
  • Readily adaptable in-flight for various operation including use with other SABIR components as well as with different equipment/sensors/communication suites in an AS-T4 Tactical Workstation facilitating situational awareness, command-and-control and network-centric warfare capability
  • Can be configured with an ADS or EADS (ECHS) lower attached fitting
  • Additional features:

    - Small fold-out table
    - Arm rests
    - Seat belt
    - Motion control levers

  • No permanent aircraft modifications are required.
  • Modular platform to accommodate standard rack-mount avionics
  • No obstruction to cargo handling system
  • 400lb payload per rack
  • Multiple rack configurations
  • No permanent aircraft modifications are required.
  • Two HD Displays up to 21.5”
  • Modular access panels and accessories
  • Folds and stows outside of cargo handling area
  • Integrates with the AS-5S Stanchion Seat
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